Church Website Pricing

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Our simple church website pricing structure covers it all meaning no spiralling bills every time you want to make an update to your website. If you don't yet have a domain name we can additionally register one for you.

For a flat fee you get:

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Are there any hidden costs? - we're here to serve the church and keep everything totally transparent. Just to be clear for the vast vast majority of churches the above package covers everything they need. Please, if you are comparing us to other services, take a moment to check like for like and look for hidden extras (they are often there).

So you only need to pay two costs: the domain name and the annual web builder fee.

But sometimes churches want something extra beyond our standard package and we're happy to help meet their needs too, e.g.

Donate a website - churches all around the world are crying out for websites to spread the good news. We want to help as many churches as possible and that's where you can help. We'll match any donation you make and use it to provide free websites for those who simply couldn't afford to run a website. Donate now.