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We desire to help all churches & Christian organisations have effective and well designed websites. As such, we provide a range of free helpful guidelines covering set up, website design and running a Christian site. We regularly update the content providing relevant information to help as many churches as possible get their website design right.

The following free church website design information is applicable to both church websites and Christian organisations. Whether or not you decide to use Church123 to run your website, we hope you find the articles useful and that your church website brings great blessings. Why not try a free, no obligation trial of our church website builder?

Advice includes:

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In addition to this free website design advice, subscribers to Church123 also gain access to a wealth of Church123 related website hints and tips as well as our telephone helpdesk which can assist with any Internet related questions.

These church website design tips are available free of charge to all Christian churches & ministries. However they are copyright and we ask that you do not replicate in part or whole on your websites. You are welcome to link from your site to ours to help others find our church website design tips. You may freely print them and circulate them within your church or organisation specifically for the purpose of improving your minstry or church website design. Please always credit as the source.