Explanations of Christian Faith

... using the web to share the good news

Many of the people who access church websites are not Christians, still less churchgoers. It is therefore worth offering them an opportunity to find out more about Christianity. If you are going to include a 'What is a Christian' or 'What we believe' web page then make sure it is understandable to someone who doesn't normally go to church. Gain some ideas by looking at what other churches have on their websites. Once you have written your material you can even email it to a friend who doesn't have a church background. Ask them to proof read it for you and tell you if they understood it and whether they felt it might be of interest to those looking for God.

Here are some suggestions for evangelistic websites you may consider linking to. In some cases the actual presentation of the information isn't great but their terms and conditions may permit you to freely use their information (check on a case-by-case basis)

Info for new Christians: