Accessible Church Websites

... making your website available to all

Why bother making your site accessible?
Firstly, it would be incredibly thoughtless and rude to not care enough to enable visitors with impairments to find out about your church. Secondly, from October 2004 under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) it happens to be a legal requirement (in the UK) that websites should be accessible. There are also legal requirements in the US, Canada and most of the western world. We believe the first reason alone is enough to warrant ensuring your church site is freely available to all.

Back in April 2004 the Disability Rights Commission carried out an extensive formal study into web accessibility. They found that of the 1000 sampled websites only 19% passed the very minimum standards for disabled access – and that was just looking at the home pages! Things have improved enormously but there are still a lot of websites that fail.

What do I have to do?
For those of you creating a website from scratch you will find below some helpful hints to get you on your way. By default, sites developed with Church123 are very friendly for visitors using accessibility devices (such as screen readers and Braille Internet devices). We have provided a list of links to organisations with additional (and in some cases authoritative) information on this important subject.

Do not have the following on your websites:

The above tips are the very basics you should follow. You can still create a good looking website whilst enabling disabled visitors access to your information.

Where can I find out more?
These links will help you understand more about your responsibilities and how you can check your church website: