Designing a Church Website

... planning, improving and more!

Getting the design of your church website right is essential to its success both in keeping your congregation informed and at reaching out to your surrounding communities.

Just having a church website shouldn't be the end goal. You need a website that prompts people into action - whether that be coming to church for the first time or remembering to turn up to a members' meeting.

You can jump to any area that interests you (on the left hand menu). For your convenience the hints and tips are broken down into three groups:


It's tempting to just let someone get started making a site. But a little bit of thought now will save a lot of time later and make your site far more effective.


If your site is old and/or difficult to update then we'd recommend you try our free church website trial to see how easy running a good site can be. If your site is in pretty good shape then some of these tips will help you take it further.

Extra Resources

There are so many things you can do with your website. These additional resources may provide helpful tools for your church.

If you haven't tried one yet we recommend you give a "click 'n' build" system a try. It won't cost anything for the no obligation 30 day free trial, but may solve a lot of your problems all in one go - try the church website builder.