Church Email Addresses

... for events, staff & volunteers

Once you've registered a domain name (web address) for your church it makes sense to use it for email too.

Choosing your email addresses

Your church email addresses should be easy to remember and quick to type e.g. (rather than an ugly church email address such as: If you need help we provide comprehensive tips on choosing church email addresses and avoiding junk mail.

Email forwarders

When we register (or transfer) a domain name you can easily create up to 5 email forwarders.  An email forwarder redirects mails to any pre-existing email address. For example could be set, behind the scenes, to automatically deliver emails to Thereby enabling you to give out the easy to remember professional looking church email address rather than needing to tell everyone a personal address. And if the personal address changes then the forwarding can be changed to another address ensuring mails to always get through.

Email Plus Package (including POP3)

For churches wanting that little bit more we provide an advanced email package. This includes a control panel to let you manage all the features on up to 15 POP3* mailboxes, such as out-of-office auto-replies etc., all for a very small annual fee, see church website prices. Email forwarders are ideal for most churches. Feel free to ask us to help you decided what option is best for your situation.

*POP3 mailboxes are allocated storage space on our mail server. This is different from a mail forwarder where emails are redirected to a pre-existing address.