Custom Church Websites

... sites made to your exact requirements

For the vast majority of churches the system already supplies all they need. However, if your church website needs something extra then simply let us know and our expert staff can code or design it for you.

Custom Site Designs

For example, some churches have very specific 'house styles' they adhere to in all publicity and it is therefore essential that their church website matches that specification. The church123 system is very flexible and custom site designs can still benefit from all the great features of our easy-to-use content management system. You can either supply a design yourself or we can create one from scratch. Please note as well as full custom designs we can also tweak many of our existing templates to include your own header graphics. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Examples of Custom Template Designs:


And a few more:
The system is so powerful and quick to use that we even use it ourselves to power this site. Most other providers do not use their own systems.

All Saints Fulham
Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Custom Code and Features:

Our coding team produce everything from the full church123 website editing system, to complete secure online shops.

Examples of recent custom coding:
Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Christian Resources Together